International SAP Conference for Utilities 2018

Many utility companies, as both suppliers and as network operators, are facing in the future the challenges of focusing more on their core businesses. Additionally, due to sinking margins and higher technological as well as competitive requirements, companies have to place their customer service processes in the hands of reliable service provider.

Service means seeing the whole business through the eyes of the customer. But how to overcome current challenges of the digitization of the energy system and the energy industry?
Therefore, the optimization of processes and the integration of future trends are of utmost importance. Additionally, in order to successfully support customers, the company’s creativity, innovative thinking as well as experience are required.
INTENSE AG works consistently and continuously together with EnBW, in order to optimize the existing service portfolio. Furthermore, we are working on integrating future requirements into platforms and business processes. Concerning these topics, we will present some examples at the IUC, which will answer the following questions:
- How to manage the balancing act between flexibility for an individual client as well as standards for the platform?
- How to optimally position yourself as a billing service provider, for example concerning flexibility / price leadership / technology leadership and the effects for IT?
- How to optimally integrate the processing of commodities and non-commodities into the processing and IT support with SAP?
- How do the "new" SAP products help with the mapping of requirements (cloud, HANA, value-added services, hybrid billing, digital products)?
- Which digitization activities of the internal processes (for example: the meter to cash chain) and external processes (for example: in roll-out of smart meters) are promising?
- How to transfer energy know-how to new industries, for example in the field of energy efficiency?
For receiving more information, we would be glad to convince you to visit as well as join us at the International SAP Conference for Utilities (17.-19. April 2018) in Lisbon. We, gold sponsor of the IUC, as well as our customer EnBW will give you more insights during the event.
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Event: International SAP Conference for Utilities
Date: 17-19 April 2018
Location: Lisbon Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal